Slow Cafe


We are passionate about good coffee, healthy food and art.  We were driven by the idea to create a meeting place, a space that invites you to enjoy some time for yourself, without rushing. We invite you to visit the atelier and taste our exquisite menu made with fresh, mostly local and organic products, as well as our signature coffees. And for when you are in a hurry, we have a take away option!



In our creative art workshop you will find a wide variety of irresistible hand-printed everyday objects that can have the wonderful affect of bringing daily-use art creations into your home! We love to refurbish those old pieces of furniture that you already own, giving them a new life, as well as a unique piece of furniture designed specifically for you that can be carefully integrated with the decoration of homes and hotels alike.

Be sure to inquire about the upholstery work we do as well. We have a unique collection of spectacular personalised armchairs gracing our clients’ homes and guests houses!